Master's programs in our university


Welcome to the Master's programs in our university!




Institute of Automation, cybernetics and computer technology


Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies

Applied Mathematics

 Computer Science and Information Technology




Institute of Agroecology and Land Management




 Surveying and Land Management (Land Management and cadastre)

  Surveying and Land Management (Geographic Information Systems and Technology)



 Environmental Protection Technology

 Water Bioresources and Aquaculture

 Water Bioresources and Aquaculture (protection, restoration and sustainable use hidrobioresursiv)







Institute of construction and architecture







 Construction and civil engineering (Heat and ventilation)

 Construction and civil engineering (Building constructions, products and materials)

 Construction and civil engineering (Municipal Construction and)

 Construction and civil engineering (Industrial and Civil Engineering)

 Architecture and Urban Planning (Architectural Environment Design)

 Architecture and urban planning (Architecture buildings)

 Civil security

 Construction and civil engineering (water supply and sanitation)

 Construction and civil engineering (Roads and airfields)

 Construction and civil engineering (Bridges and Tunnels)




Institute of Water




Construction and civil engineering (water conservation)

 Construction and civil engineering (rational use and protection of water resources)

 Construction and civil engineering (water supply and environmental construction)


 Construction and civil engineering (Hydraulic engineering)

Heating energy 







Institute of economics and management







 Business, trade and exchange activities (Business Economics)

 Economics (Personnel Management and Labour Economics)

 Finance, Banking and Insurance

 Accounting and Taxation

 Management (Organizational Management and Administration)

 Management (management innovation)

 Management (management of environmental activities)

 Management (Project Management)

 Management (Office of Financial and Economic Security)

 Economics (Economics of Environment and Natural Resources)


International Economic Relations



Mechanical Institute



 Road transport

 Transport Technologies (Road Transport)

 Sector Engineering (Chemical manufactures and the enterprises of building materials)

 Sector Engineering (Lifting, road construction and agricultural machines and equipment)



Law institute



 Science Education (Higher Education Pedagogy)

 Management (management institution)

 Public Management and Administration (Public Service)



How much does a master’s degree cost?

How much a master’s degree costs depends on several factors. Length of the program is one factor. Most master’s degree programs in our university can be completed in one  to  one and a half  years. Other factors include what program and whether a student pays online, or on-Campus  tuition. An online master’s degree program could be less expensive and the cost of full-time mastertuition is 1098 USD ($) per year( distance form of studying, master degree ).

Overall, graduates of master’s programs will earn a higher salary, and in many cases, a master’s degree can open up more opportunities in the workforce.

An online master’s degree program could be less expensive and the cost of full-time master tuition is 1098 USD ($) per year

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