Bachelor degree specialties


Institute of Automation, cybernetics and computer technology


  • Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Computer Science and Information Technology

Institute of Agroecology and Land Management


  • Surveying and Land Management (Land Management and cadastre)
  • Surveying and Land Management (Geographic Information Systems and Technology)
  • Agronomy
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Protection Technology
  • Water Bioresources and Aquaculture
  • Water Bioresources and Aquaculture (protection, restoration and sustainable use hidrobioresursiv)

Institute of construction and architecture


  • Construction and civil engineering (Heat and ventilation)
  • Construction and civil engineering (Building constructions, products and materials)
  • Construction and civil engineering (Municipal Construction and)
  • Construction and civil engineering (Industrial and Civil Engineering)
  • Architecture and Urban Planning (Architectural Environment Design)
  • Architecture and urban planning (Architecture buildings)
  • Civil security
  • Construction and civil engineering (water supply and sanitation)
  • Construction and civil engineering (Roads and airfields)
  • Construction and civil engineering (Bridges and Tunnels)

Institute of Water


  • Construction and civil engineering (water conservation)
  • Construction and civil engineering (rational use and protection of water resources)
  • Construction and civil engineering (water supply and environmental construction)
  • Hydropower
  • Construction and civil engineering (Hydraulic engineering)
  • Heating energy

Institute of economics and management


  • Business, trade and exchange activities (Business Economics)
  • Economics (Personnel Management and LabourEconomics)
  • Finance, Banking and Insurance
  • Accounting and Taxation
  •  Management (Organizational Management and Administration)
  • Management (management innovation)
  • Management (management of environmental activities)
  • Management (Project Management)
  • Management (Office of Financial and Economic Security)
  • Economics (Economics of Environment and Natural Resources)
  • Marketing
  • International Economic Relations

Mechanical Institute


  • Road transport
  • Transport Technologies (Road Transport)
  • Sector Engineering (Chemical manufactures and the enterprises of building materials)
  • Sector Engineering (Lifting, road construction and agricultural machines and equipment)
  • Mining

Law institute


  • Science Education (Higher Education Pedagogy)
  • Management (management institution)
  • Public Management and Administration (Public Service)
  • Right

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